About us

Our goal:

Backed up with the latest games technologies and our custom tools. Our team is committed to their goal:
Bringing you on unforgettable journeys through companions and enchanting challenges.

Studio Director

Kamil Hepner

A veteran of the VFX industry. Worked on projects such as Avatar 2, Alita: Battle Angel, and many of Marvel and DC's blockbusters. Whether it was at WETA, Sony Imageworks, Framestore, or PlatigeImage, he pushed visual boundaries. He now manages a dynamic group of people here at TEAATE with his "Can-do!" attitude, technical expertise, and big-production experience.

New Zealand based

We are a group of optimists and passionate people located in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. Each day, inspired by the rich culture and creative environment of this country, we strive to bring a piece of Aotearoa to you...


Jakub Będkowski

Musician, producer, specializing in key instruments. Graduate of the Wroclaw Academy of Music and Jan Dlugosz University. He has collaborated with many talented groups and artists such as: SAMI, Agata Dziarmagowska, and 032. As well as that, he mentors many artists and enables them to grow as musicians.

Music resonates deeply within our hearts. We believe that compelling stories are crafted not just through visuals but through the enchantment of music. Each melody and rhythm in our games adds a brushstroke to the vibrant canvas of our storytelling, creating immersive and resonant worlds.